Saturday, May 12, 2012

Streaming Live Video - Google+ Hangouts

Google Launches "Hangouts On Air" Worldwide

LABELLE, FL. -- Google is hoping to encourage aspiring artists, celebrities, and everyday folks to go live in front of a global audience broadcasting live from Google+ "Hangouts On Air."

The feature allowing webcam streaming live to the world on YouTube, Google+ and web pages was introduced to a limited number of select broadcasters last year, enabling them to go live and chat with friends and fans "for all the world to see" says Google.

Rolling out the new feature over the coming weeks, anyone with a Google+ account can broadcast live from their YouTube channel, or from the Google+ stream. During the broadcast up to 9 additional people will be able to join live in the broadcast.

After the broadcast is concluded, Google will upload a public recording to your YouTube channel and to your original Google+ post so anyone can later watch what happened during the live broadcast.

YouTube Video Above: Don Browne did a 4-hour test video May 13, 2012 (Here's the video on YouTube with hundreds of viewer comments)

Here's some examples of previous live hangouts by various celebrities:
President Obama (January 2012)
Young Hollywood (May 2012)
Tyra Banks (Dec 2011)
Miami Hurricanes (Apr 2012)
David Beckhan (Feb 2012)

Google Technical Paper On How To Do A Successful Hangout

How To Stream Live On Google+ Hangout On Air

Google+ has enabled "Hangout on Air," allowing people in most parts of the world to live stream video from their computer to viewers, while having up to nine others live stream video at the same time.

An unlimited number of viewers can watch the live broadcast by watching on YouTube while making live comments. After the broadcast has ended it automatically is uploaded to YouTube and archived there for anyone to see at any time.

The video above is a test example of how a video is seen as it's being recorded live (7 a.m., May 12, 2012). After that time, it will be saved and viewed through the YouTube channel.